Raspberry Pi Solution

Find out how embedded scalable computing power from Raspberry Pi fits your needs today and in the future with a solution which can be upgraded at any time.

V & P Series Large Format Displays

Supporting the embedded Open Modular Intelligence, the new V & P Series large format displays deliver 24/7 performance futureproof performance and customisation options.

InfinityBoard Collaboration Solution

NEC’s new InfinityBoard provides an all-in-one collaborative solution for your meeting room, helping to promote creative thinking across many sectors

C Series Large Format Displays

The new C Series meets the need for low cost, yet professional signage and is seen for the first time in the UK at the Showcase.

PA653UL Laser Projector

The new PA653UL is the world’s first laser projector to combine the long-life benefits of laser with the brilliant colour brightness of LCD, plus no filter and zero maintenance.

Fine Pitch LED

New fine pitch LED will undoubtedly attract attention by nature of its captivating properties but also for the incredible detail achieved for closer proximity viewing.

Desktop Displays

Future-ready, curved and ultra-thin bezel design desktop monitors offer an immersive desktop display experience.