Magic Horizons

Virtual Reality for a better Life!

Relaxation and Healing Music VR Experiences for the mass market.

MAGIC HORIZONS produces “short breathers” that „beam“ the customer to fantastic places for leaving behind everyday's "hamster wheel": Relaxation Music VR Experiences and Healing Music VR Experiences in cooperation with Humboldt University Berlin.

We are building up a Mental Health Platform to gain leadership in VR for mental health and relaxation. We are a high experienced team with a significant track record in audio-visual entertainment.

Relaxation and Healing Music VR Experiences give the customers the possibility to escape the „mental hamster wheel“: a multi billion $ loss of money over all industries due to mental overflow. MAGIC HORIZONS combines the massive immersive effect of binaurally produced music together with outstanding 360° high-end 3D visuals.

Clean Content for relaxation seekers, non gamers, VR first time users. No horror, no fear - but pure "wellness for you soul" for a global mass market. Mental health at the touch of a button: VR for a better Life!