Company Website:
Twitter Handle: @Instoremedia
Vertical Zone: Retail

Instoremedia is an Award Winning Digital Signage Company. Our software is used by a range of customers in different verticals to manage content deployed to Digital Signage networks all over the world. We work across different verticals with customers of every size, from the public sector and transportation to small high street multiples and some of the biggest blue chip names in the world.

At Showcase, Instoremedia is showcasing Instoremedia Air. Instoremedia Air is a suite of products and innovations connecting the award winning Instoremedia Digital Signage solution to Mobile Phones and Tablets. Customers today are constantly referring to their phone or tablet for information, using it to access social media or to make purchases. The ability to accurately connect individual screens with a phone or tablet, either passively or actively by the customer opens up a whole new prospective level of engagement with an audience.