With ever increasing national and international travel, operators are investing in new technology to achieve the level of customer service needed to remain competitive. Innovative display solutions transform the passenger experience, making it a smooth and intuitive visual journey, helping to reduce passenger anxiety with quick access to information, way-finding and entertaining retail signage.


T1 FIDS INFORMATION | Emerson, Peerless, U-Touch

Replicating a small airport installation, the control room operator controls multiple management systems across multiple screens, enabling him to interact and switch content between them. Passenger anxiety is reduced with clear visual access to the latest flight information and messaging. New 1.9mm fine pitch LED modules create impressive high bright, high resolution signage to deliver readable messaging even in light flooded terminal buildings.

• 2 x NEC 55” P553 displays
• NEC 55” X552S with U-Touch PCAP touch overlay
• 2 x NEC 22” EA224WMi desktop displays
• NEC LiFT L019Si 1.9mm fine pitch LED wall
• Emerson Network Power Avocent® High Performance KVM Control Room solution
• Peerless SF630P wall mounts

T2 ADVERTISING TOTEM | SmartSign, Peerless

NEC displays housed within the totem enable strategically located advertising media to attract, entertain and influence passengers whilst in the retail areas of the terminal building helping airport operators to gain from additional revenue sources.

• 2 x NEC 46” P463 display integrated with Core i7 slot-in PCs
• NEC 55” P553SST ShadowSense touch display in portrait orientation integrated with Android Player
• SmartSign Display Manager digital signage solution
• NEC Leafengine integration
• Peerless KIP555 totem
• Peerless KIPC546 totems


Immediate real-time access to critical information enables efficient handling of incidents; the multiple displays in the AOCC facilitate the visualisation of Big Data with instant access to data feeds. The integration of all airport operational processes improves airline performance,  reduces costs and delays and improves the passenger experience.

• 8 x NEC 55” UN5551S video wall modules with media player
• 2 x NEC 22” EA224WMi desktop displays
• 2 x NEC 27” EA275WMi desktop displays
• Datapath video wall controller system
• SITA airport content
• DAS Aptiom desking consoles
• Peerless DS-VW765-LAN video wall mounts


For a powerful new mobile experience delivering a two-way channel for direct local communication,use your mobile phone to interact with the advertising content. NEC large format displays deliverimpactful life-sized signage.

• NEC 80” P801 display integrated with Core i5 slot-in PC
• NEC 80” V801 display integrated with Core i5 slot-in PC
• NEC 55” X552S display integrated with Core i5 slot-in PC
• Dot Origin DTAG100-PRO Bluetooth beacon technology
• Peerless SF660P wall mounts
• Peerless SF640P wall mount


Easy access to information is an important factor in reducing passenger anxiety. Two back to back NEC ShadowSense touch displays allow passengers quick access to wayfinding information using intuitive finger swiping.

• 2 x NEC 46” P463SST ShadowSense touch displays
• Inurface Media double sided touch totem

T6 EXECUTIVE LOUNGE | Green Hippo, Sennheiser

Relax in the executive lounge as you await your flight. The creative video wall installation offers the passenger an agreeable visual experience helping to create a soothing atmosphere and reduce passenger anxiety.

• 7 x NEC 46” X464UN-2 video wall modules
• Green Hippo Hippotizer AViary content distribution solution
• Sennheiser TeamConnect wireless audio conference solution