Broadcast and Media

Authentic colour reproduction and image sharpness is vital in the Broadcast and Media sector where accurate soft proofing techniques help to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Ultra-high definition displays achieve impressive detail, sharpness and intense colour accuracy in a sector where creating a visual experience is business critical.


MB1 4K GREEN SCREEN WORKFLOW | Jaegerfilm, Atlona

Experience a live 4K Green Screen Workflow and editing of ultra slow motion Phantom Flex footage using NEC colour accurate displays demonstrating the real benefit of an ultra-high resolution closed loop workflow. Content is distributed via HDBaseT to video wall displays in the Showcase Break Out areas.

Get involved in the green screen experience - could you be the star of the show?!

• NEC 84” X841UHD 4K UHD display
• 2 x NEC 32” SVRef322UHD 4K UHD SpectraView Reference colour desktop displays
• NEC 30” SVRef302 SpectraView Reference colour desktop display
• NEC 32” PA322UHD 4K UHD desktop display
• Atlona HDBaseT distribution System
• Jaegerfilm studio equipment