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Twitter Handle: @HuddlyInc
Vertical Zone: Corporate

Huddly was created to elevate communication with compelling and intelligent vision products for everybody. Huddly develops an intelligent software-upgradable platform that powers the world’s smallest and most powerful video collaboration camera - Huddly GO, the first product in the Huddly hardware portfolio. Huddly’s ultra-wide field of view, unique small factor, amazing light compensation and intelligent software features deliver new meeting experiences which are intuitive, simple and deliver breath-taking video experiences.

While traditional collaboration cameras are hardware-based only, Huddly is redefining the camera through a deep interdependency between the Huddly hardware architecture AND the Huddly intelligent software platform. There are no moving parts inside our camera. Everything is solved in the software. We’ve developed a powerful computer vision software platform that powers our very first product on the market - the Huddly GO. It is a software upgradable intelligent camera, with a unique small form factor, extremely easy to use. It fits all desktops and larger screens. It’s also platform-agnostic.

Our team is developing an impressive set of smart features around data capture, analytics and computer vision, all driven by our software platform - something none of the competitors have done at the moment. These features will further enhance the Huddly GO and deliver new simplified and unique experiences for users of the Huddly platform. Just like a Tesla gets new software features over-the-air, so does the Huddly GO. Our platform is open for integrations and partnerships with different industry players and new business models via APIs.