FUTURESoftware specialise in the development of technical software solutions for the Digital Arts. Our experience extends to Cloud, IoT, Server, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile for Digital Signage, Digital Out Of Home, Broadcast, Staff TV, Retail, Interactive, Experiential, Enterprise Social Networks or simply putting an image onto a display. On offer we have a range of engagement scenario’s from consultancy, through product and development life cycle and into engineering and support.

Our screen based solutions range from Cloud to On Premises Hosting on a range of platforms from RPi to multiple output rack servers. Our software range is extensible and has a proven history across multiple verticals where individual requirement change from the simple to the more demanding. At Showcase we will be showing our cloud based RPi solutions and a DOOH blinker game using face/eye detection for fully autonomous operation.

Our solutions offer a COO advantage by using readily available hardware and a flexible model that includes Cloud/Host/On Prem with extensibility to achieve advanced features not available from boxed products. The solutions as backed by a company with the experience and understanding to take on projects where there are challenges and considerations outside a simple point to point connectivity.