Company Website: www.extron.com

Extron Electronics is a leading manufacturer of professional AV system integration products including AV control systems, computer-video interfaces, switchers, matrix switchers, distribution amplifiers, audio amplifiers and signal processors, speakers, twisted pair and fiber optic equipment, videowall processors, video signal processors, AV streaming and recording products, classroom sound field systems, and high resolution cable.

At Showcase Extron is showing their brand-new Quantum Ultra 610 Videowall Processor in combination with NEC ultra slim MultiSync X464UNS-2 displays and two NEC’s X551UHD 4K displays, shown in portrait mode. This solution allows you to have a VC conference and have all images at hand simultaneously, such as the camera images, locally and remotely presented content, real-time clocks for each time zone and a ticker bar with the latest news, making the conference meeting much simpler to use, and by using colored borders and window titling around the images the information is easier to understand and therefore more efficient. Control is managed with Extron's TLP Pro 1022T touch panel for easily recalling presets and changing sources.

As the Quantum Ultra is designed for 24/7, mission-critical applications, it is the perfect solution for any application where many high-quality, high-resolution images needs to be viewed simultaneously, in the best possible quality like 4K, and without any latency. Having all critical information displayed on a single canvas and at full frame rate gives you a complete overview of all relevant information and allows you to directly take important decisions without any delay.