Company Website: www.ebb3.com
Twitter Handle: @ebb3uk
Vertical Zone: Corporate

ebb3’s mission is to transform and simplify the way people use technology and graphical applications. We enable work to take place from any device, anytime and anywhere. ebb3 empowers digital transformation within businesses to facilitate better resource planning, greater performance of 3D applications and enhance productivity in the most data driven organisations, through our Cisco GAS (Graphics Acceleration Service) solution. ebb3 is providing companies from AEC and Oil and Gas to Automotive with the services to make virtual, high performance collaborative working a reality, enabling the office of the future to take shape.

The ebb3 Cisco GAS solution facilitates digital transformation in the way an end user can work. It allows scalable resourcing, optimising the performance of 3D graphical applications which can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world, meaning workers are not confined to a traditional workstation or cumbersome mobile workstation in the field. Users can work collaboratively on projects since the data access is from a single central secure location. Rather than transporting large data sets to and from a workstation, it is virtualised and located next to the data. Additionally, with ebb3’s managed and private cloud solution, organisations are provided with platform management including single point central patch control and software upgrades. The ebb3 Cisco GAS solution will reduce the costs associated with traditional workstations and running 3D graphical interfaces. Due to its cloud-based technology it also reduces cost of upgrades and maintenance demands while removing location limitations that can control a worker’s schedule.