DisplayNote increases meeting productivity by providing technology that makes collaboration simple, smart, secure, and scalable.

Our solutions break down the barriers that stand in the way of simple and effective collaboration. We make it easy for your teams to share ideas and information with each other in real-time.

  • DisplayNote Montage: award winning wireless presentation system

With one touch or click, Montage enables meeting attendees to wirelessly share their content from any device, and any location, up to a main meeting room display. It allows multiple attendees to connect and share their screen at the same time, and seamlessly switch between presenters.

  • Mosaic: real-time, multi-site collaborative whiteboard solution

Workspace enables remote teams to communicate and collaborate on Office documents, PDFs, images, and much more, in a real-time, shared whiteboarding environment, and video chat.

When it comes to collaboration, we know that no two organisations are the same, which is why we’ve created DisplayNote Enterprise Solutions. We start with DisplayNote Montage or Workspace, and create a collaboration solution precisely configured for your organisation’s needs.